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Brian KnutsonBrian Knutson (Behavior): A Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Brian's lab seeks to elucidate the neural basis of emotion (affective neuroscience) and explore implications for decision-making (neuroeconomics) and psychiatric diagnosis (neurophenomics). His group has pioneered combining behavioral tasks with functional neuroimaging to explore how the brain anticipates and responds to gains and losses, and also leveraged brain activity to predict choice. 

Rob MalenkaRobert Malenka (Circuitry): A Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Rob's research has focused on molecular mechanisms that underlie synaptic plasticity and learning in a number of different brain regions implicated in motivated behavior for over two decades. His lab continues to innovate new combined techniques of molecular manipulations and cell biological and electrophysiological assays to investigate plasticity and its behavioral consequences. Click here to view a more in depth profile of Dr. Malenka that appeared in Neuron's April 4th, 2018 issue.  

Keith HumphreysKeith Humphreys (Policy): A Professor of Psychiatry and Public Policy, Keith has researched the origins and treatment of substance use disorders.  More recently, he has focused on translating scientific findings in addiction to more effective policies at the local, state and national levels.  He has testified about addiction-related crime and health policies, and served in the White House as a senior drug policy advisor.  His research program focuses on improving interventions for patients with drug and alcohol problems, and he also works directly with policy makers to implement laws that can reduce the negative impact of substance use on public health and safety.


     Xiaoke Chen (Biology)

     Karl Deisseroth (Bioengineering / Psychiatry)

     Tim Durazzo (Psychiatry)

     Lisa Giocomo (Neurobiology)

     Casey Halpern (Neurosurgery)

     Bonnie Halpern-Felsher (Pediatrics)

     Julie Kauer (Psychiatry)

     Anna Lembke (Psychiatry)

     Robert MacCoun (Law)

     Russell Poldrack (Psychology)

     Tom H. Soh (Electrical Engineering)

     Leanne Williams (Psychiatry)


     Douglas Bernheim (Economics)

     Dan Foster (External: WV State Senate)

     Boris Heifets (Neurobiology)

     Michaela Kiernan (Medicine)

     Windy McNerney (Psychiatry)

     Michael Ostacher (Psychiatry)

     Claudia Padula (Psychiatry)

     Eric Stice (Psychiatry)


     Kelly H MacNiven

     Tara Srirangarajan

     Dylan Christiano